Creative Consulting

MultiOlistica offers a very wide package of consultancy services that can be adapted to any type of customer, small and large companies, organizations, freelancers of any sector.


We mainly work in three major areas: human resources, communication and marketing. In particular, the management of change is the winning horse of our proposal for human resources; we develop innovative methodologies for people evaluation and build original managerial and behavioral training formats for employees, managers and executives. We also implement internal communication processes and climate analysis. As for the communication and marketing areas, our offer includes innovative brand&communication services and market modelling and segmentation projects. We also have a lot of experience in the field of project management that allows us to support our customers in the management of their projects of any type and size.

Change Management

CHANGEMAN© is a change process, designed by MultiOlistica for companies personnel, which has the purpose to make effective, efficient and fully functional the organization structures and to get the right people at the right place.

Personnel Assessment Process

The Personnel Assessment Process PAP© created by MultiOlistica aims at measuring the skills, potential talent and expectations of employees of any organization, in any business and market context.

Communication Process

The Communication Process (CP©) created by MultiOlistica is a very innovative product-service dedicated to companies that need to set up an effective internal communication campaign during reorganizations, strategic changes or other important changes.

Project Examples