SME and Micro-Enterprises

MultiOlistica has developed a package of services expressly conceived for micro, small and medium enterprises.

Information Technology
– Design of IT strategies (architecture, requirements, functions …)
– Development of e-commerce platforms
– App design and implementation

Organization and Human Resources
– Recruiting support
– Organizational processes, roles and functions

Communication and Marketing
– Communication Plan
– Advertising (visual and copy)
– Social network strategies
– Viral marketing
– Web marketing
– Video / multimedia products implementation
– Shooting / post-production / editing
– Ideation, planning and realization of events
– Publishing products (books, CDs, DVDs …)
– Original music / jingle composition

The services also include a review of our offer for large companies (Communication Process, Change Management, Personnel Assessment) and can be further enriched with behavioral or technical training programs and with courses dedicated to entrepreneurs.