OSH Policy

MultiOlistica Srl, within the framework of a correct and responsible conduct of activities, undertakes to pursue the best possible conditions of health and safety at work (OSH) with reference to the principles of prevention and continuous improvement and in a manner appropriate to nature and extent of OSH risks.

Responsibility in the management of OSH concerns the entire organization, from the employer to each worker; each is called to make his own active contribution, according to his own attributions and competences.

The Management has therefore defined the commitments it assumes and the objectives it intends to pursue.

In managing our business, we make the following commitments:

  • Prevention as a method and constant improvement of occupational health and safety and related results are considered an integral part of company management, and the necessary resources are provided.
  • Scrupulous compliance, in substance and in the informative spirit, of all applicable OSH laws and regulations, as well as the commitments undertaken with employment contracts and other commitments freely assumed, taking into account the activity carried out and the size of the company.
  • The involvement and consultation of workers to periodically review the policy itself and the management implemented, define and disseminate the OSH objectives and related implementation programs within the company.

To operationally translate the commitments undertaken, we intend to pursue the following objectives:

  • Identify and monitor all laws, regulations and technical rules, related to OSH, applicable to our organization, to translate the requirements into internal tasks and provisions
  • Pursue possible improvements in the directions outlined by national and international guidelines, published in technical standards, guidelines, codes of practice and the like.
  • Promote the awareness and training of its employees, collaborators, suppliers and contractors.
  • Evaluate in advance the new environments, plants, processes, technologies, activities, products and services procured, to identify the dangers and assess the risks for OSH, so as to ensure their control, also for the purpose of improving performance.
  • Adopt the best emergency prevention and control techniques and procedures.
  • Ensure the involvement of the entire organization in OSH policy and objectives; ensure that all personnel are made responsible for OSH commitments, are involved in pursuing them, are instructed and trained to adopt behaviors consistent with these commitments; ensure the involvement of customers and suppliers.
  • Periodically review the OSH policy. Monitor and appropriately evaluate the performance of OSH management to establish its adequacy and effectiveness and pursue its continuous improvement.
  • Promote and maintain an open, constructive, transparent attitude towards customers, public authorities and other interested parties.

This Policy is communicated to all people who work in our organization and on our behalf; it is available to the public and to anyone who requests it.