Marketing Solutions

Since 2005 MultiOlistica has developed a marketing offer (together with its partners). The offer includes specific and integrated solutions of strategic consulting, analysis&reporting and execution for all marketing processes; each solution is modular, independent of technology and quick to implement.




Support in the definition and planning of marketing objectives and in the drafting of the operational plan; implementation of innovative communication strategies and implementation of creative and effective multimedia and multi-target campaigns. Depending on specific needs, the consultancy is able to cover the entire life span of the project, from the initial assessment to the evaluation of the results obtained.


We offer an integrated implementation of Business Intelligence to fully exploit the information contents of the data, moving it into a competitive advantage. The solution, based on innovative analytical tools, is a powerful strategic tool that allows you to understand the dynamics underway in the customer base, define the target for one-to-one contact actions and build and launch the most effective offers on the market.




We give support to the operational phases of the Marketing processes by making available in SaaS mode a solution to manage campaigns, loyalty programs and lead generation on the digital channel. The solution, strongly oriented to multi-channels, allows to combine social channels with traditional communication, highlighting those aspects that can be communicated more effectively through the interactivity of the Web.