Creative Training

Business Training has always been our winning horse: for fifteen years we have been offering a large and continuously updated package of innovative behavioral and managerial training formats together with experiential labs and team building, based on our Methodology and available both “in house” and by catalog. All our courses are also delivered remotely.

We offer our courses to many companies of all sizes and sectors and with an extremely large target audience, from the young newly hired employees to the top manager. The courses are customized according to the specific needs of the customer and can be aggregated within structured training plans; it is also possible to design totally customized contents.

Our approach is based on three distinctive factors: clarity, interactivity and innovation; it is a very effective model which, thanks to our enthusiastic, experienced and competent teachers, always receives excellent feedback from the participants. All this guarantees the client’s return on investment.

Multi-Holistic training is an original and stimulating way of learning and growing professionally: you learn how to discover and use your talent. Business and Creativity. Together!

Our Courses


Project Examples

Creativity for young entrepreneurs @ENI


Symphony of Words and Symphony in Power Point @Babcock


Salesman’s Music Score @Accademia Treccani


Salesman’s Music Score @High Quality Food


Houston we’ve solved the problem© @Babcock


Eroe in viaggio© @ManagerItalia