The Sense of Creativity

IL SENSO DELLA CREATIVITA’© (The Sense of Creativity) is a Creative Laboratory composed of 5 sensory pathways to conceive, design and manufacture products, using the power of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.
5 teams, representing 5 startups, must promote their business with products and services made using the 5 senses. In particular, each team has to:
– model a package (TOUCH)
– create a perfume (SMELL)
– invent a dish (TASTE)
– compose a jingle (HEARING)
– produce a video clip (SIGHT)

At the end of the sensory workshops, a debriefing takes place in which the teams share with others what they produced during the workshops through live demos, tastings and performances.
In conclusion, each team will evaluate the results of the others. Scores will be assigned which will determine a ranking for the final award.

The Sense of Creativity©, like any format of MultiOlistica, is designed on the combination of Business & Creativity.
This means that all the activities and experiences lived during the laboratory are always attributable to skills, experiences and typical aspects of business management.

In particular SdC exercises the following soft skills in an unconventional way and with the use of creativity:
– Leadership
– Team working
– Communication
– Cognitive flexibility
– Planning and time management
– Problem solving and decision making
– Work by objectives / result orientation
– Effectiveness and efficiency
– Coopetition (collaboration + competition)

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