The most difficult problem

In such a critical moment it is essential to remember that, in situations of emergency and / or new problems, ONLY RATIONAL THOUGHT CANNOT BE APPLIED, but CREATIVE THINKING is essential, which is divided into three phases

1) ANALYSIS of the situation (rational / convergent thinking prevails for the objective study of data, causes, …)
2) SINTHESYS of a solution (lateral / divergent thinking is essential here, proceeding despite mistakes, making intuition attempts, …)
3) EVALUATION of the best solution among those summarized in phase two (here rational thinking returns with indicators, feasibility, etc. …)

It is a huge (and common) mistake to want to go directly from phase 1 to 3. Phase 2 frightens us (or rather frightens those who do not know it) because it is necessarily inefficient since it does not follow pre-established lines, but it is damn effective!

So come on with CREATIVITY, it’s time to use it, let’s utilize these situations as a giant online brainstorming !!!

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